‘Women Walk the World’

Cortachy SWI hosted a beautiful walk in their local area on Saturday 13th April. The sun shone most of the way although the wind was chilly but spirits were high as we took either a 4 or 5 mile route through Cortachy Estate passing Airlie Castle, mansion houses, wee cottages, scarecrows and the confluence of the rivers Prosen and Esk. We had dogs and young children in prams all with the aim of raising some money for ACWW who support women and communities worldwide.

The history behind the annual walk dates back to 2012. The Board members/Trustees of ACWW at the time, including our own May Kidd, came up with the idea that on or near ACWW Day (29th April),  ACWW members and their families and friends should start walking at 10am  in their country i.e. starting at the International Date line, members in Tonga, Fiji, New Zealand start first, then heading west to Australia, on to Asia, India, Africa, Europe, across to the US and Canada, and back to the Date line. So, within 24 hours, women have walked the world!

Of course in true ‘Rural’ fashion we ended the walk with a packed lunch and goodies provided by our hosts. Thank you to Cortachy SWI members!


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