Christmas cheer

Today (18th December 2020) was the first draw in our 500 club. The following club members got a very nice Christmas present:

Alice Collingwood (Kirriemuir SWI) £215

Elma Dickens (Northmuir SWI) £130

Cortachy SWI £85

Liz Rosie £65

Alistair Simpson £45

Congratulations to all these 500 club members. Our thanks to Katie who was the independent person drawing the winners.

The 500 club aims to raise funds for Angus Federation’s centenary celebrations in 2022. 431 people joined the club contributing £4310 which, after prize monies paid, will raise a fabulous £2270. We are delighted with this response and thank everyone so much for supporting this fundraiser.

Watch this space for more events in future…..


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