Centenary 500 club

Angus Federation celebrates 100 years in 2022 and the fundraising for our celebrations has started. First up is a 500 club where 500 rural members or their friends and family buy a £10 ticket to be entered in to a monthly draw between December 2020 and May 2021 to win big money prizes! The rules of the 500 club are below.

Last chance now to buy a ticket for this fundraiser. If you would like to join the club please get in touch with Allison Stewart, Federation President ([email protected] or 07745892227) by 15th December 2020.



  1. The name of the Club shall be Angus Federation SWI 500 Club (hereinafter called “the 500 Club”).
  2. The object of the 500 Club shall be to raise funds to support an
    Angus Federation SWI Centenary event in 2022.
  3. All 500 Club Members must be aged over 18 and may take more
    than one subscription up to a maximum of 10 per household, each
    of which will count as an additional Member of the 500 Club.
  4. All subscriptions in the 500 Club will be at the rate of £10 (ten
    pounds) for six months, payable in advance. Members will be
    allocated a number per each £10 subscription which will be valid in
    each of the six successive monthly draws.
  5. The monthly draw will be made by an Independent person on the
    18 th of each month and in the presence of two (2) members of the
    Centenary Celebrations Committee. Winners will be notified by
    telephone within 24 hours of the draw and prizes will be issued
    within seven (7) days. All winners names will appear on the Angus
    Federation SWI website.
  6. Approximately 50% of income will be retained for Angus Federation
    SWI Centenary Event in 2022.
  7. Prizes will be drawn monthly for six months as follows:
    Special draws in December and March.
    Regular draws in January, February, April and May.
  8. Based on a membership of 500, maximum prizes will be:
     Special Draws: £250.00, £150.00, £100.00, £75.00 and £50.00
     Regular Draws: £100.00, £75.00, £50.00, £30.00 and £25.00.
  9. In the event of subscriptions being received from more, or less than
    500 members, the scale of prizes will be proportionately increased
    or decreased.
  10. Administration of the 500 Club will be controlled by Allison
    Stewart, President and members of the Centenary Committee of
    Angus Federation SWI.
  11. The decision of the Committee shall be final and binding on all
    matters relating to the operation of the Club.

Registered with Angus Council under Small Lottery Licence Number: 66

Registered Charity Number: SC002643


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